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Not verifying your phone numbers wastes time!

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About VerifiedPhoneData.com

VerifiedPhoneData.com is a specialized suite of database products brought to you by YPC Data. This suite of databases is designed specifically for data companies and software developers looking to check against their current business information and validate phone numbers within the data.

Don't waste any time with disconnected and wrong numbers, get in the game today with our super affordable phone verification database products that have been cleaned and appended for accuracy and reliability like no other in the industry. Just try to find a more cost effective way to verify business phone information to your data.


How do we verify phone data?

At least once a month all of the phone numbers on our list have been checked against the telephone companies that issue the phone numbers to ensure they are valid working numbers and go to the business associated with them. This is called Telco Verification.


How Can I use Verified Phone Data?

Our verified phone lists are geared towards sales rooms who want cleaner lists to avoid disconnected and wrong phone numbers.

Some examples of phone verification services and data applications are:

  • Scrubbing out unwanted disconnected phone numbers
  • Removing wrong numbers from phone data
  • Improving sales room efficiency
  • Improving the quality of data in print and online directories

VerifiedPhoneData.com and YPC Data can help phone verify your data and prepare you for success utilizing our specialty latitude longitude databases.

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