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Specialty Verified Phone Databases

Our specialty Phone Verifcation Database products are designed with sales rooms, data companies, data warehouses and software developers in mind.  We have taken all the leg work out of verifying business phone information at the zip code / city / state level as well as down to the individual business level. 

We offer products that are custom tailored to your business needs. We can produce national, state wide, county wide, city wide or even on a zip code by zip code basis.  Just tell us what you need and we'll send you a simple to understand quote as well as some sample data to show you what you are purchasing.

Since we are a subsidiary product of YPC Data, we can append just about any type of business information you might want in addition to the geo coded data we provide below.

Have your own data?  We can validate your phone data for you with custom phone verification services to meet your business goals.  Just tell us what you need!


Verified Business Phone Number Database

Rows of Data: Over 18 Million verified phone numbers

Get a list of verified business phone numbers for the entire US.  Stop wasting time and valuable resources sorting through wrong numbers and disconnects.  Try our product today. 


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Verified Phone Databases by State

Rows of Data: varies by state

Get Verified Phone information at a state level.  You pick the state, and we'll send you all verified business phone numbers for that state.

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Verified Business Phone Data by City or Metro Area

Rows of Data: varies by Metro Area

Get verified phone databases for any US metropolitan area. 

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Complete US National Business Phone Verified Info with Addresses & Business Names

Rows of Data: Over 18 million Records

This is the ulitmate leads list complete with business name, address and of coarse verified phone numbers.  We also have contact names available for many or our verified listings. 

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